Simple Acceptance

Simplifying our lives isn’t just about our actions. It’s about our thoughts and attitudes as well.

The actions and thoughts that simplify my life may help you as well.

1. I make lists – many, many lists. They help me remember things I would surely forget.

2. Once I’ve added something to my list, I can put it out of my head – as long as I read my list at least once per day.

3. This is the tricky part for some people, but I’m learning how important it is. It’s almost a guarantee that I will not get everything on my list done. It simply has to be written on the next day’s list.

4. I put an asterisks beside those things that really can’t wait.

5. I take pleasure in the little successes. My kitchen needs a complete overhaul. However, if I get the dishes washed, I allow myself to feel good about it. (Please see posts under Confessions of a Horrible Housekeeper to understand why this is such a big deal.)

6. I am the official Keeper of the Family Memories. That means I have prints, slides, and yes, 8mm home movies. Much of this is in Rubbermaid boxes in my storage/laundry room. However, recently I started organizing prints in photo boxes, using the dividers that come with the boxes. I’ve made tremendous headway, but there’s still lots to do. That’s okay, that’ll be on another day’s To Do list.

7. I used to be quite the spender, always thinking, “I’ll pay for this another day.” Well, that day has come. Because a resigned from my job just over a year ago to pursue other things, finances have been tight. Amazingly, I don’t feel deprived when I choose not to buy something.

Don’t get me wrong, I know – because we have food, clothes, shelter, and available transportation – we are in the world’s top 1 percent. I was blown away when I read this stat. However, there are still plenty of things I’ve chosen not to buy that others wouldn’t have a second thought about purchasing.

I guess it boils down to contentment. It has been a long time coming, but it sure simplifies life…and yes, I also know it should be easy when I have all of the things listed above.

At any rate…This post took an unexpected turn. But I guess it really is all about contentment. It doesn’t mean I won’t continue to strive to reach new heights as a writer, an editor, a doula, a person, but by simply accepting where I’m at today and being truly thankful, my life will be simpler and happier – as will the lives of those closest to me.

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