Simplifying Self

I’ve faced some challenges this week. My reactions were not what I’d hoped. They revealed there’s still a lot of negativity that I would like to be rid of.

Here’s what I did…and what I could have done to simplify the situations.

On Monday, my computer was unbelievably slow. I spent far too much time trying to fix it, when all I had to do was use my husband’s. By Tuesday, the issue was resolved, and things were back to normal.

I’ve been under the weather, but it has been very mild. I don’t do sick well. It left me drained and unmotivated despite the fact that my To Do list is as long as ever. I’ve been getting more sleep these days, and that’s a good thing. However, I need to pare down my To Do list, prioritizing the things that are most important.

Yesterday we realized our furnace wasn’t working. The facts that my hands were blocks of ice and we were sitting around snuggled under blankets were dead giveaways. The furnace guys got here very shortly after I placed the call and had it up and running in about half an hour. To think, some people live on the streets in all kinds of weather. I can’t imagine. A friend told us about a program that will definitely save us money in the future. It’s time to sign up.

I was speaking with a relative on the phone and mentioned how much I enjoyed a popular series of books. She has strong negative feelings towards them. While we didn’t argue about it, it would have been better if I hadn’t mentioned anything. I don’t do conflict well, either.

I used to battle anger and depression. When they so much as rear their ugly heads, I feel totally defeated. While I didn’t react as dramatically as I would have in days gone by, I really had hoped that I was more mature than I apparently am. The upside…I’m moving in the right reaction. Plus, it has given me fodder for my writing.

Self-obsession is unhealthy.

On the other hand, self-examination is a good thing from time to time.

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