Simply Doing Better

Based on my Confessions of a Horrible Housekeeper post this week (see below), I thought this made sense as a follow-up.

These steps might lead to a simpler, less stressful year ahead.

Steps to Doing Better

1. Organize those papers that have been piling up. I spent several hours doing so today…and tossed quite a few.

2. And while you’re in organizing mode, tackle those boxes of old photographs. I’ve been working on that for several days. While I kept many not-so-great pictures because of the memories they evoke, I still got rid of quite a few. Most of them are now filed by subject.

3. Create as much open space as possible. My hubby put away the Christmas decorations today, and I want to do what I can to keep the space tidy. I feel better with less clutter around.

4. If you’ve set big goals for 2012, break them down into bite-sized pieces. I’ve tried to set doable goals, so as not to give up on them entirely.

5. By volunteering, you can make others’ lives better – and you’ll feel pretty good too. Now that the new year is upon us, I must get serious about all my volunteer responsibilities, including posting to the Write! Canada site. (Pop by and check it out here.)

6. While many of us make extensive lists of resolutions/goals, it’s likely few of us set a #1 Goal for the year. Thanks to several suggestions floating around cyberspace, I’ve done so. My #1 Goal for 2012…more deliberately share my faith. (Yep, I do believe John 3:16, etc.)

Have a Wonderful, Simpler Year!

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