Simply Finish

Deadlines are amazing! Well, at least I think they are…especially externally-imposed ones.

I needed that impending deadline to complete the requirements for my doula certification program to motivate me to make the last big push to get everything done. (I popped the package in the mail this week.)

When I have a deadline, I like to break up the work into bite-sized chunks and, as much as possible, evenly distribute the task over x number of days. A couple of times this week, I pushed through and got things done ahead of schedule. Such a sense of accomplishment! (I love crossing things off tomorrow’s To Do list.)

Last week, I was cleaning out my inbox when I came across on invitation to write a guest blog – dated back in February. I contacted Julie. One thing led to another and she asked me to write a four-part series to be published on her site each Monday for the next month. (Pop back at the first of the week and I’ll have the link to her site posted.) She gave me the deadline of writing a post once per week. I got them done in four days. (Don’t be too impressed. They’re personal experience pieces and came together quickly.)

If you read my ROW check-ins, you’ll notice I have a number of things circling in the queue. That’s why, when I was given the option of taking on a fairly brief editing job, I said yes and completed the project in a couple of days. It feels amazing to wrap up a project, even a less imposing one.

I’ve said it before, but the more I dive in and do what I’m supposed to, the more pumped I become and the more energy I have to do other projects.

And why on earth am I sharing this info with you? For a couple of reasons: 1) to encourage you to tackle that job you know you should do and “git er done”* and 2) to give credit where credit’s due (I am, by nature, an incredibly lazy individual. If it wasn’t for God’s work in my life, there is no way I would have these anecdotes to share. The glory is His alone.)

*If you need a chuckle today, check out the Urban Dictionary’s definition of this phrase.

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