Simply Put First Things First

Ever been confronted by your mortality?

It might have something to do with the memorial service we attended this week…the fact that I’m in my fifties…the fact that our pet rabbit passed away…

It isn’t my intention to make this a morbid post, just a thought-provoking one.

While decluttering our home is important – and high on my priority list – even more important, is decluttering my mind.

How am I going to go about doing that?

1. Remind myself of my personal priorities.

2. Each day seek to do the most important thing first, the second most important thing next, etc.

3. Try to stick to my schedule – while giving myself enough leeway to attend to situations that might crop up unexpectedly.

4. Adding regular exercise to my schedule – and doing it. I know I will feel better physically and emotionally and will accomplish far more if I do so.

5. Add decluttering room by room to my schedule without putting undo pressure on myself and doing the little things before they become big things.

6. Limit my time on the social networks. (For me, that will probably mean checking in four times per day.)

7. Remember the value of simply hanging out with family and friends. It isn’t all about doing. In fact, while I have other things I need to accomplish, this is, by far, one of my top priorities.

When choosing my priorities, I don’t have to be preoccupied with my mortality, but I do have to take it into account. There are things I want to get done, and I must keep them before me because I don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

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