Simply Worthy of Imitation

Thank you to those at Spark People who chose the title “Be Worthy of Imitation” for a recent post.

I want to be worthy of imitation in all areas of my life: first, spiritually – as mentioned below; also, physically.

No, I’ll never be a beauty pageant winner or a runway model. I am not a fashion trendsetter or a female body builder.

But what can I do that sets a good example for others physically?

1. I can exercise regularly. The benefits are too numerous to mention, but among them are a) achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, b) thinking clearly, and c) having enough energy to accomplish the important things in life.

2. I can regularly change up my routine. I have a short attention span, and there are just some things I don’t stick at for the long haul. I would get bored very easily if I had to do the some exercises day after day after day. Besides, when the body gets used to the same routine, even the diligent exerciser will not see the results she is striving to achieve.

3. I can eat well. I am so blessed to have plenty of healthy food choices, even when I go out to eat. I don’t obsess over what I eat, but I always feel better mentally and physically when I make a good choice.

4. I can drink water. Again, I am blessed to live in a place where it’s safe to drink the water. Despite controversy over how much water one should drink, I know I need more of it.

5. I can sleep well. Okay, so I am writing this post at quarter to one in the morning, but when I do head to be, I sleep like the proverbial log. And a good night’s sleep is definitely beneficial. Physically, I am rested. Emotionally, I can face challenges much more positively.

6. I can visit my doctor. (I’d say regularly, but I’m not so good about getting regular check-ups.) I am extremely thankful for ready access to good medical care and coverage so the fee is not out of my pocket – well, except for the fact that it’s part of our taxes.

So, am I worthy of imitation when it comes to my physical well-being? Not as much as I should be, but it’s coming.

Don’t obsess in this area, but do try to live a healthy lifestyle and set a good example for those who are watching.


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