My Writing Process – Blog Tour

Many thanks to Ruth Snyder who asked me to participate in this blog tour. You can read about Ruth’s writing process as well.

What am I working on?

I’m off to camp tomorrow, Camp NaNoWriMo that is. During the month of July, my goals are to 1) write 10-15,000 words of my novel Becca’s Journey and write at least four picture book manuscripts.

I have been hired to write four articles re: seniors’ living each month and whatever other copy writing jobs come along.

I guest post on one site weekly, a second three times per month, and a third monthly, not to mention writing for this site and

I am chewing on the idea of writing a submission for the third installment of the Hot Apple Cider books. We’ll see if I get a brainstorm.

I may begin working on a memoir with a new client. That may be on hold for the time being.

See what I mean about being eclectically-interested?

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

According to the book of Ecclesiastes, there is nothing new under the sun. While my women’s fiction will bear similarities to many others on the market, it will not be a traditional romance. My protagonist, Rebecca Lynne, will weigh her brand new dreams with those of her past. Ultimately, she will have to decide which are worth pursuing.

I have been told that my voice comes through clearly even when I write advertorials, web-copy, etc. From what I’ve been told, that’s a good thing. I would encourage other writer to write naturally. Think of how you would share the information in conversation and, as much as possible, write that way.

Why do I write what I do?

Women’s fiction – I’m not seeking to stage a coup exactly, but there are things that are true of the cast and storyline of many novels that I take exception to. I would like to “push the envelope” just a little. – and maybe ultimately, a significant distance.

Picture books – I still love a well-written, wonderfully-illustrated picture book. I would be thrilled if I could become some child’s long-remembered author. Several decades after first reading them, P.D. Eastman books still number among my favourites. Picture book authors can instill a love of reading; bring a smile – even a laugh; introduce children (even adults) to richness of language; and so much more. Oh, to be numbered among them!

Blog posts – Though it may never gain me thousands, even hundreds, of readers, blogging is my way of encouraging even that one reader who gains encouragement from something I’ve written. One of my favourite posts is Writing for One.

Other – While, like many writers, earning money is a key motivator, I still seek to write about things that interest me in a way that will interest the reader. I was given my voice to 1) express my love for God and 2) bless others.

How does my writing process work?

In the case of Becca’s Journey . . . very slowly. The idea has been simmering for some time. What I really need is a deadline – even a self-imposed deadline. I made significant headway the last time I attended Camp NaNo and am looking forward to journeying further in July. The fact that both an agent and an editor said they would be interested in taking a look at the finished product should be sufficient motivation to keep me writing.

When an editor repeatedly nods his head while reading your picture book manuscript and asks for a few minor changes before you submit it for publication in a children’s magazine, it’s like adding gasoline to a fire. I draw on my eclectic interests and choose those I believe will captivate a preschool audience. Truth be told, my ideas for picture books often come from a snippet of conversation. I have often thought, “That sounds like a book title.”

When it comes to blogging – whether about writing, fitness, or one of my other interests – I consider what I’m learning about; what I’m focused on; and what I’m feeling at any given time. I find writing for some future date difficult. I like the immediacy of writing for the Now more like visiting with my readers.

And other projects . . . My process is very basic. Clear the topic with my client. Do the needed research. And write. Even with copy writing, I’m more of a pantser than a plotter.

In everything, for the most part, I would call myself a stream of consciousness writer.

Please note that I have yet to confirm next week’s participants. When I do, I will add their bios and pics below.


August 15 ROW Check-In

Another check-in? Really? Where exactly is the time going?


~ very much looking forward to our writers’ group tonight (I love these ladies.)

~ also looking forward to connecting with a young friend on Friday afternoon

~ plans for a Sunday evening family meal are looking good

~ firming up plans to connect with two fellow authors come September, one I’ve never met in person; so excited!


I might be attending two births in September. I’ll have to wait and see how things come together.


My writing time is being spent rewriting a client’s short story. That’s okay. As my wise friend Lisa Hall-Wilson says, “We get better the more we write.” I’m counting on it.


I’m on schedule to finish the final read-through/tweaking of the children’s chapbook by this weekend. (I love being on schedule.)


As well as re-reading the aforementioned chapbook, I’m reading a young author’s manuscript and offering suggestions as to how he can make it better. He is eager to make his writing the best it can be. So cool!


Right now, it’s not about my writing. I have enough other things on the go and that’s completely OK.


I got to the gym again on Saturday to walk on the treadmill, but I didn’t get there on Monday as I’d hoped I would. I did, however, do my workout at home.

I went to my trainer’s on Tuesday evening. She gave me a new workout. I love changing things up.

Additional Fitness Goals

~ eat better (portion control – check; wiser choices – so/so)

~ weekly weigh-ins with friends (Accountability is a good thing. I think this is going to help, as having a personal trainer helps me squelch those excuse-making voices in my head.)

ROW-specific Goals

~ visit other ROWers’ sites weekly (Pretty much on track.)

Words of Wisdom

Check out my friend Darlene L. Turner’s post this week. Sometimes, it is better to look at things close up so we don’t become overwhelmed with the big picture.