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A special thanks to fitness expert Kimberley Payne for once again sharing her insights with us.

BEEP stands for Bible Study, Eating Healthy, Exercise, and Prayer.

Enjoy Tip #7 in each category and then explore Kimberley’s other tips on kimberleypayne [dot] com

Have you found a helpful tip to grow in one or more of these areas? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.

True Beauty and Healthy Living

I’ve decided to choose weekly themes for my posts on Facebook and Twitter and this week’s theme is true beauty.

I don’t think it has anything to do with physical appearance. And I certainly don’t believe our innate worth as human beings has anything to do with what we weigh, how shiny our hair, or how blemish-free our skin.

But truth be told, I would like to lose 25 pounds and have a flat stomach in addition to toned arms and legs. I almost feel hypocritical focusing on my appearance.

But that can’t be my excuse for not eating well and exercising regularly. After all, doing so has countless benefits.

Among them . . .

1. gain a more positive outlook

2. gain increased energy

3. develop the ability to think more clearly

4. develop the ability to work more efficiently

5. increase cardiovascular capacity (heart and lungs)

6. develop the ability to fend off disease

7. minimize the pain of arthritis (and aging)

8. get a more restful sleep

9. gain energy to keep up with our kids and grandkids

10. improve self-image (even before we start to see physical changes)

11. increase desire to make healthy choices

And last, if we exercise regularly and eat well, we will naturally discover our ideal weight and we won’t have to concern ourselves with the numbers on the scale.

Granted, these are not guaranteed results. Each of us is unique with different physical considerations, but if we can experience even one or two of these results, it should motivate us to get active and make healthy food choices.

Sunshine for Rainy Days


Walking in the Rain

This was first published on Kimberley Payne’s blog.

Unlike some people I find the rain peaceful and soothing. However, it can put a damper (pardon the pun) on physical activity and other essentials of life.

Here are some fun tips for the four areas Kimberley covers here and on her podcast, where she calls it “the BEEP round”:
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Why We Should Eat Desserts Only on Weekends

Back when I began posting on Kimberley Payne’s site, I told her I would re-post articles the Friday after she ran them. (FYI . . . I have a good memory, but it’s short.)

I thought it was about time I began this practice. 

The following appeared on Kimberley’s blog Thursday, January 23, 2014.

Apple Pie Pic

My family used to eat desserts only on weekends. Years ago we got out of the habit and I’ve found it difficult to get back at it.

However, January 2014 seemed like a good time to start again.

What are the advantages . . . besides possibly losing a few pounds?

1. I’m an all or nothing kind of person. It’s much easier for me to stay away from desserts altogether than it is to eat only a little.

2. While I’m not ready to eliminate sugar completely, I do know the potential for emotional highs and lows plus the likelihood of headaches if I eat too much. I can’t say I’ll miss those effects.

3. The more I eat nutritious foods, the more I acquire a taste for them – and don’t miss the cakes and cookies.

4. A vast majority of the sweets I eat are prepackaged. Cutting back motivates me to prepare meals from scratch. They’re more satisfying and take my mind off the “quick fix.” (I’m a good cook – just a lazy one.)

5. I haven’t given up snacking, but now I choose better options. Cheese and crackers. Fruit. That kind of thing.

6. Many of us eat out of boredom. I’m doing that far less now.

7. My daughter needs to lose a good deal of weight. I very much want to be a good example for her.

8. With each passing day, I feel more victorious. The unfinished jelly beans and chocolates are much easier to ignore.

9. Keeping a tighter rein on our budget is another item on my Action Plan for the year. Cutting back on sweets and other snack items will help in this regard too.

10. And those few pounds? I’ll be happy to see them go.

How about you? What is your snacking weakness? Do you find it easier to partake in moderation or is cutting back dramatically – or cutting it out completely – your best option?

8 Reasons I’m Not Bummed

I tried on a dress today.

“Oh, my! Is that really my reflection?”

It could have bummed me out, but no, instead, it spurred me on.

Here are eight reasons I’m glad I’m overweight.

1. I know my appearance is not the most important thing, but I can’t neglect it either. If I want to have the energy to do those things that are important to me ~ and lower my health risks, I have to take care of my physical well-being.

2. I’ve finally set a deadline for my weight loss. “One day” is no longer enough. (The number that really matters is the percentage of body fat. If I have to choose between being a healthy 140 pounds or an less healthy 130, I go with the former. Besides, toned muscle looks so much nicer than the alternative, and muscle burns more calories than fat for ongoing positives.)

3. Therefore, I have to workout regularly and include a significant amount of cardio.

4. I also have to eat better. Thankfully, this is something I enjoy once I get into the habit.

5. I have to replace my calorie-rich beverages with water. (I will, however, allow myself a home-brewed specialty coffee each day ~ unless the calorie info proves too scary.)

6. And yes, I will have to restrict my sweet intake. We used to eat dessert only on the weekends. I can do that again.

7. My reflection also made me take an honest look at other things I have been making excuses about ~ and determine to change. (See “No Excuses,” posted earlier today.)

8. All that said, I have to take some time to plan. These things won’t just happen.

A Word to Readers

This is a very personal post. We each have different priorities at any given time in life. This is my time to deal with my weight.

Healthy Travel Habits

My hubby and I went to a conference this past weekend with fourteen others from our church.

It was a great reminder of how to tend to my health and fitness while away from home.

As much as you’d never believe it from the state of my home, when it comes to travel, I love to be prepared well in advance. I usually pack several days before the planned trip and add only toiletries and other last minute items the day of. We too often forget that minimizing stress goes a long way to maintaining our physical health.

The hotel had a lovely swimming pool. Sadly, I didn’t think to take my suit. Swimming is such great exercise.

They also had an amazing weight room. I had my running shoes, but the thought of taking workout pants never crossed my mind. Locating the fitness room is usually one of the first things I do when we check into a hotel.

I’m more inclined to use the stairs than I used to be. This time, however, we were on the first floor.

Because of the weather and the distance to the church where the conference was held, walking wasn’t an option, but it’s great to do all you can while on holidays.

Travel means eating out. While there were many appealing choices at Chili’s, I opted for the Caribbean salad with shrimp. They were possibly the best shrimp I’d ever eaten – and the rest of the salad was good too.

An all-you-can-eat buffet is usually bad news. But selecting small portions and healthier choices helps…as does avoiding the dessert bar (which, for me, is usually a letdown anyway).

If you’re reluctant to ask for tap water, you can always choose bottled. I will admit, I had a small glass of Cherry Coke at the buffet. I rarely drink pop at home, and once in a while, it isn’t a bad thing. In the case of buffets – and other things – it’s about moderation.

When you’re away from home, especially with friends, it’s very tempting to stay up late and visit. I’ve learned, however, I need a reasonable amount of sleep each night. It makes all the difference the next day.

When it comes to lengthy car rides, it’s good to get out every couple of hours to stretch your legs. It was a real blessing traveling for people who liked to stop every now and then.

Planning, preparation, and follow-through go a long way to ensuring a healthy trip.