6 Reasons You Need a Fitness Assessment

I joined a gym this week. Why . . . when I have equipment and multiple DVDs in my house? Like many people, there are just too many other things begging for my attention when I’m at home.

I sucked it up and decided to go for a fitness assessment despite the fact that I knew the results would be disheartening. It isn’t fun to confront those excuses you’ve been making, especially when you know none of them are really valid. Oh, well! It’s just another step toward a healthier, fitter future. Right?

I also found out some interesting things that no-one had told me before. Apparently, one leg is significantly stronger than the other, as is the opposite shoulder. Oh, joy! Oh, bliss!

And my muscles are tight, tight, tight. Time to look into getting massages to loosen me up and some specific exercises to strengthen my muscles.

So, why would I advise being assessed by a trained professional?

1. In less than an hour, a pro can learn some invaluable information about your fitness level.

2. With proper training, the pro can spot things such as muscle imbalances. (Feel free to ask what training they’ve had in this area.)

3. The right professional will not give you a cookie cutter program. Your specific goals and physical limitations will be taken into account.

4. Fitness professionals can help you set ultimate and short term goals.

5. They can help you confront each and every excuse and show you how to overcome them.

6. When you have issues beyond their expertise, a pro with integrity will refer you to others with the expertise you need.

A few things to always, always remember:

First, make sure the fitness professional you work with is right for you. For example, I want someone to hold me accountable without shaming me, talking down to me, or making me feel inferior.

Second, getting healthy and fit benefits every area of your life.

Third, you are loved and valuable just the way you are.

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