A New Beginning

So, how’s it going with those health and fitness resolutions?

That good, huh?

Just remember, every day can be a new beginning. In fact, you can make several new beginnings any given day when necessary.

Remember my plan to exercise at least five times per week? Yeah, right. That hasn’t happened – yet.

I did, however, work out with my exercise buddy twice last week, and we intend to do the same next week. That’s a start, and I’m pleased to have made it.

It’s often a matter of establishing a routine. On paper, my schedule looks like this: 1) wake up, 2) get up and get dressed, 3) eat, 4) read the Bible and pray, 5) exercise…

Yep, there it is in the #5 slot.

There are things – like working out, for instance – I put off. If I do so, it usually doesn’t get done. Those are the things I need to do first thing in the morning, at least before I allow myself to start in with the social networking. Connecting with people is great, but it gets my mind hopping from one thing to another – without actually getting those things done.

Do you, like me, need a new beginning?

If the answer is yes, give yourself permission to make that new beginning. (If it’s no, kudos to you. Way to go!)

Start with small steps if you must. And work up to those ultimate goals. (Even those should be feasible.)

This week, starting today, I will do one half hour of exercise six days per week. Feel free to ask how I’m doing.

How about you? What health-related new beginnings are you going to make this week?

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