’tis the season to discuss gobblers…but I’m not talking about the feathered variety. I’m referring to those activities and behaviours that gobble our time and motivation. Below I’ve listed a number of my personal gobblers. Since 2012 is my personal Year of No Excuses, I better get these out of my system asap.

(Please note: Most of the time gobblers I’ve listed below aren’t “bad” per se. It’s simply a matter of keeping my priorities straight and managing my time wisely.)

Personal Time Gobblers

1. Social networking

2. Excessively long To Do lists

3. The lure of nine local coffee places and countless restaurants

4. Solo TV viewing

5. Upside down priorities

6. Failing to stick to my workout schedule

7. Buying good food, but not taking the time to prep it

8. Instead, eating processed food – or worse, out and out junk food

9. Now that’s it’s cold, the desire to drink water is non-existent.

10. Not enough sleep

11. Dreaming of reading instead of actually doing it

12. Trying to do it all

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