Healthy Links

Power Lifter

There is a plethora of fitness-related websites and YouTube channels. Here are a few I recommend.

Why is fitness important – from a Christian perspective?

How can we relieve built-up tension while sitting at our desk? (Check out these stretches and others by fitness expert Kimberley Payne.)

What can we do to stay active while spending hours in front of our computer?

Why not create a free sparkpeople account? You’ll get access to countless tools to help on your journey to fitness. If you are specifically interested in learning how to take fitness breaks right at your desk, just do a site search of “desk exercises.” 

Another site I just discovered and look forward to exploring:

For those of you who want to explore alternative views of just what constitutes healthy eating, you might want to visit (I am currently working through Kristen Michaelis’s course “Beautiful Babies Online Nutrition Course.”)

Remember to check with your healthcare professional before beginning to exercise, changing your level of physical activity, or drastically changing your eating patterns. 

Fruit & Veggies

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