Holiday Hints

So, my hubby and I are going to Niagara Falls. Here is how I intend to avoid the temptation of eating too much and exercising too little.

1. I plan to use the fitness room at the hotel.

2. I intend to walk to as many destinations as possible, instead of using the complimentary shuttle.

3. I’ll choose light options when eating out.

4. No fudge for me – a Niagara Falls specialty.

5. If we’re on the fifth floor or lower, I’ll use the stairs. I might do so even if we’re above the fifth floor; we’ll see.

6. I’ll avoid the temptation to have snacks in the room.

7. Our bathing suits are packed, but hotel pools are often more for families with young children rather than serious swimmers.

8. Much as I’m a specialty coffee drinker (I love my caramel macchiatos), I’ll stick to water for the most part.

9. Desserts? Probably not, but I make no guarantees.

10. Maybe I’ll add a fitness book to the stack I’m taking. I have several on my shelves I’ve been planning to read.

Here’s to healthy choices…even when we’re away from home.

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