Listen Up!

Your body might be trying to tell you something.

Below are some of the lessons I’m learning from my body. Maybe yours is trying to teach you some of the same things.

I enjoy milk on my cereal. There are milk and milk products in many of the foods I eat. However, last week I had a glass of milk (something I rarely have) and suffered for it. Weird! But yes, body, I’m listening.

Today my stomach was upset. I won’t even tell you what I ate yesterday, but suffice it to say it doesn’t appear on any healthy eating plan. Did I enjoy the taste of my numerous snacks? Yepper. Did I like feeling lousy? Not so much.

I often sit at the computer bleary-eyed. Hm, wonder why that is. Let’s see. It could be staying up too late when I have a specific wake-up time. It could also have to do with the lack of regular exercise. I can do something about both of these causes.

I don’t ache enough. Sound crazy? Yeah, I guess it does. But I know I’m not doing enough resistance training if I don’t even feel the twinges that say, “This is your muscle speaking. I am busy getting stronger.”

Hello, belly fat that didn’t used to be there. I’m not so much about the pant size or the number on the scale. However, my body will find it’s ideal weight and shape when I get sufficient cardio (from 30-60 minutes per day with an appropriately elevated heart rate) and resistance training (from three to four full-body workouts per week), when I drink more water (my ultimate aim would be from six to eight glasses per day) and eat well (no more hm-i-wonder-if-i-ate-anything-nutritious days). (I was approached today about starting a fitness group. Yep, definitely time to get my act together again.)

Oh, my! Are my knees stiff! Well, d’uh. You sit at the computer for hours on end, barely moving a muscle besides the ones in your eyes and the ones in your fingers. (I could actually get all that exercise accomplished if I took 15-30 minute breaks and got busy exercising.)

It is my goal this week to listen more carefully to my body and do the best I can to start heading in the right direction health and fitness-wise.

How about you?

Please remember these are only general tips. Only you and your doctor can determine what is the best course of action specifically for you.

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