Quick Tips

These are as much a reminder for me as they are for anyone.

1. If you can only get in a short workout, go for it!

2. Even if your appointment is only a few blocks away, walking is still better than taking the car.

3. Proper positioning and posture are important when you work at a desk, especially for extended periods of time.

4. Regular stretch breaks will work out the kinks and likely make you more efficient.

5. Drinking water has countless benefits. Among them, it makes you feel full so you don’t consume calorie -rich snacks and drinks as frequently. It is not, however, a good substitute for healthy lunches and snacks.

6. Keeping sugary snacks close to your work area is just asking for trouble, especially if you have trouble having just one chocolate or candy.

7. If you work from home, playing your favourite music in the background and burning a scented candle can provide a positive work atmosphere. (Mental well-being is as important as physical fitness.)

8. And last…sleep. Too often we don’t get enough of it; we try to do “just one more thing.”

So, what are some of your quick tips for fitness? I’d love to hear from you.

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