The Twelve Tips of Christmas

In the hustle and bustle of the season, it’s easy to neglect our exercise regime and/or to eat poorly. Here are a few tips – and some lighthearted observations – for staying on track.

1. Walking shouldn’t be a problem – especially if you have last minute shopping to do. You usually have to park at the back of the lot and then walk from store to store to store after you finally get inside.

2. Getting enough sleep, on the other hand…Yeah, right!

3. Even exercising for 30 minutes is good for you…and you really should take at least a half hour for yourself each day.

4. Pass on the whipped cream and use less mix in your hot chocolate…or have a peppermint tea – every seasonal yet with no calories.

5. Don’t go back for seconds, no matter how tempting – unless of course it’s for more salad and veggies.

6. Avoid the before dinner munchies.

7. And after dinner…choose one item for dessert. No, I didn’t say “one of each.”

8. Chill out in the evening and go for a walk in the snow…or the rain…or whatever.

9. Instead of playing inactive games, get up and have some fun with that interactive game system.

10. Treat yourself to a gym membership or a new piece of exercise equipment as your gift to yourself…or ask for contributions toward your fitness from gift givers.

11. If you drink alcohol, drastically limit consumption. It saves you 100s of calories – and so much more.

12. Take the time to really enjoy the time with family and friends. It’s most certainly okay to take a breather.

All the best for a Healthy and Wonder-filled Christmas Season!

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