Why am I So Tired?

If you’re feeling sluggish and don’t know why, consider these possible reasons.

1. Are you getting enough sleep? (If you’re dragging yourself through the day, consider going to bed earlier.)

2. Do you go to bed and get up at the same time every day? (Consistency, as well as adequate sleep, can make a big difference.)

3. Are you eating a healthy diet?

4. Are you consuming too much sugar and/or caffeine?

5. Are you eating and/or drinking close to bedtime?

6. Are you reading an exciting book or watching TV close to bedtime? (What is meant to help us unwind can actually do the opposite.)

7. Are you exercising regularly?

8. Are you worried? (Prayer. Trusted counsel. Acceptance of what we can’t change. These all help when we’re worried.)

9. Do you have trouble “switching off” your brain? (I’m a big list maker. I figure if I write it down, I don’t have to worry about forgetting it. That plus the suggestions listed above help me “power down” as it were.)

10. Are your relationships strained? (Again, trusted counsel might be a good option.)

11. Are you having difficulty at work? (It can be very hard to “leave your work at the office,” but it’s good if you can, especially if the difficulties are beyond your ability to improve. If you work from home, try keeping office hours. When the day is done, try to switch gears.)

12. Are you experiencing financial problems? (I’m no financial counselor, but I do know this can cause a great deal of anxiety. I’ve found cutting back on expenses and calmly discussing the situation with your spouse/family can help. When my children were young, I tried to teach them the difference between “want” and “need.” It’s a good lesson for all of us.)

If you have serious difficulties sleeping, please consult your doctor. These are general suggestions, some of which may not be appropriate for you. They are not to be considered medical advice in any way.

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