Childbirth Questions Answered

How is a doula different from a doctor or midwife?

A doula doesn’t make medical decisions or perform medical procedures.

Isn’t it enough to have my partner with me during labour and childbirth?

Though the best doulas care deeply for their clients, there is not the same kind of emotional attachment. It is easier for them to remain objective.

Your doula is familiar with the different ways labour progresses and can offer various comfort measures without becoming overwhelmed by what you’re going through.

I’m a private person and anticipate wanting to be alone for much of my labour.

The wonderful thing about a sensitive and skilled doula is that she will give you your space. If you need her, it’s nice to know she’s there. And those comfort measures might be more helpful than you imagine.

My mom and my partner will be there. Surely I don’t need a doula. Do I?

Again, a doula doesn’t have the same emotional connection as your loved ones do. Your doula will help you stick with your birth plan – when it’s in your best interests and that of the baby.

If you want to continue, but are finding it a challenge, your loved ones might recommend interventions you would rather avoid. At that point, you might not have the determination to argue with them.

If, however, you want to make a change to your birth plan, your doula will not stand in your way. It is her responsibility to support you in whatever decisions you make.

I plan to have my baby in the hospital. Why would I consider hiring a doula?

A doula is there to support you at all times. Nurses are in an out, and there may be a shift change during your labour. Your midwife might also be in and out, tending to more than one labouring mom at a time. If you have an OB, he or she will only be there toward the end of your labour.

These individuals will not provide the uninterrupted care and encouragement your doula will give.

Plus, if you have a doula, your partner is free to grab a snack or a nap as needed.

Why wouldn’t I just go ahead and follow my doctor’s instructions without question?

A doula will provide you with resources for you to explore your options, many of which you might never have considered. In the end, it is up to you to make the decisions about your pregnancy, childbirth, and how you will raise your children. However, it is best to make educated choices and give informed consent to any procedure you undergo.

Many, if not most, doctors view labour and childbirth as medical occurrences. They view you and your baby as patients. While there are times their training and expertise are needed, in many cases, labour and childbirth can proceed without medical intervention.

Plus, there are drawbacks to ever medical intervention and procedure. It is up to you to determine if the benefits outweigh the risks.

If you have questions about pregnancy, childbirth, and/or if hiring a labour doula is right for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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