I would love to gather a collection of quotes from new moms. Below is the Facebook post that sparked the whole idea. If you’re a new mom and would like to be included, please send me an email at stephanienickel@yahoo.com and include “New Mom” in the subject line. I’d love to hear from you.

I know how you feel. It does get better. You might not be able to see it now, but there are some pretty exciting things to look forward to. It’s hard to watch her grow up, but she’s going to grow into an amazing woman just like her mommy because you feel that way! Nothing will melt your heart more than the day you’re in the other room and she yells, “Mommy” because she’s looking for you…or the days she learns to open doors and comes running into your room in the morning to give you a huge kiss. Take every day slowly, and enjoy every minute of it. No matter what, she’ll surprise you everyday!  (Susan)

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