The Doula! Film

The Doula! film is a great introduction to the role of birth/labour doulas and postpartum doulas.

“What’s a doula?” you ask. It’s from a Greek word that means “servant.” And what a wonderful description! Doulas have the privilege of serving expectant and new moms.

Before birth, doulas supply information and resources so clients can make the right decisions for them. (It is not our job to give medical advice or persuade someone to do something with which she is not comfortable.)

Birth doulas arrive at a predetermined time during a woman’s labour. She stays with the mom from that time until an hour or two after the baby is born, whether at home, in a birth centre, or at a hospital. (Many hospitals are becoming open to the idea of having a doula present.) The doula will do anything from quietly sitting in the corner offering moral support to actively engaging in comfort measures to help the mom deal physically with the process of bringing a new life into the world.

Postpartum doulas offer a wide variety of services for new moms, from helping with breastfeeding to walking the dog, from picking up other children from school to light housework. (Until I saw the film, I didn’t think this would interest me, but I’ve reconsidered – although, for now, I have enough other things on my plate.)

So, if you are interested in viewing the film at a free screening during World Doula Week and you live in the St. Thomas, ON area, you will want to R.S.V.P. the Vesta Shop. The event is being held on March 23 from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. Space is limited, so sign up today.

As you might expect, there is some nudity in this film. I know some of you will want to take that into consideration.

For more information, check our the teaser and order info here.

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