The Labor Progress Handbook

What should laboring women and their caregivers do if the pre-labor or latent phase is prolonged? What should they do in the case of a prolonged active phase? …a prolonged second phase (from 10 cm dilation until the birth of the baby)? The Labor Progress Handbook offers several suggestions.

Of all the books I purchased for my labor doula course, The…Handbook qualifies as the only text. Doulas, midwives, nurses who work in obstetrics, and OBs could benefit from reading it.

While the book is written for readers who have a knowledge of medical terms that refer to labor and childbirth, these terms are explained, so I would also recommend it to expectant moms and their partners.

The pages are filled with information on how to deal with each stage of labor. They include hundreds of line drawings as well. (The book specifically addresses preventing and dealing with “problems,” but it is also helpful for women who experience a “normal” labor and delivery.)

Chapters 7 and 8, “…Maternal Positions and Movements” and “…Comfort Measures” are especially helpful for moms and their non-medical caregivers.

Doulas are encouraged to carry at least one reference book with them. Because The…Handbook is compact and illustrated, I intend to have it on hand when I attend the birth of a little one.

The cost may be prohibitive to some people, but it is a very informative book and, for many, is well worth the investment.

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