The Purple Period

Thanks to new mom Heather who will be my guest blogger for the next two weeks.

I’m a first time, thirty-four-year-old mother of a two-month-old little girl. I want to start by saying the first five weeks were a challenge for both my husband and me. I vaguely remember watching the DVD “PURPLE Crying.”

It teaches that it is completely normal for a little one to scream her head off for the first eight weeks of life. In the back of my mind, I thought, “That will not be my baby. She will be good because I’m going to do everything perfectly.”

That quickly changed when no-one told me feedings would occur every two hours. Feeding for twenty minutes on each breast, burping, and changing my daughter took just about an hour, sometimes more. Just an hour later, it was time to feed her again.

If she was asleep, I was faced with the question of whether to wake her or sleep for a few minutes until her hungry cry woke me up. I often took the selfish route. When she did awaken, I would hold her tightly in my arms and carefully walk down the stairs, trying to shake my visions of falling.

I would then change her diaper and begin the painful feeding. (Thankfully, pumping and using nipple cream cured the problem.) I fed and began the confusing cycle all over again.

I found that just using my gut instincts worked best for me. “Maybe I’ll try this or maybe I’ll do that type of mind work,” I thought as I adoringly watched her suckle.

Join us for The Purple Period – Part 2 on November 28.

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